Want to Make This Bowling Party a Little More Interesting?

Its hard to go wrong with a bowling birthday party. With the classic fun of the lanes, hot food catered right to your seat, and a game room for added fun, bowling parties are a strike every time. But just because something is already great doesn’t mean it can’t get better. Take your birthday party to a new world of fun with these bowling party games.

Fun Games for a Bowling Party

  • birthday cake with candlesPick a twist, any twist. Spice up a traditional game of bowling with twists made for funny Facebook pics. On slips of paper, write twists on the traditional bowling shot,like bowl with your left hand or bowl balanced on one foot. Put all the twists in a bowl and have players pick a piece of paperwhen its their turn to bowl. Get ready to laugh your socks off!
  • Jackpot bowling. Put a party twist on a classic bowling game. Assign each pin a number and a prize. Make challenging combinations worth more points. Tally up each bowlers pins after each turn and see who won the most!
  • Beat the ball down the lanes. Are the kids getting bored waiting for their turn? Heres a fun game for you: race against the lanes. Come up with objectives for the non-bowlers (some fun ideas: name Superheroes, write down a fun story about the birthday kid, or eat the most hot wings). The clock starts when the ball leaves the bowler’s hand, and the contestants have until it hits the pins to achieve their objective.

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