Things to Know When Having A Charity Fundraiser

Bowling Fundraiser Michigan

Fundraising events are great ways to gain awareness and raise money for local charities. Fundraising events can also be for local communities or people in need. When organizing a fundraising event, there are certain points you should keep in mind. All fundraisers have things in common and we discuss those here. If you are looking for a place to host a bowling fundraiser, Drakeshire Lanes in Farmington Hills Michigan has the facilities and knowledge to assist.

Bowling Fundraiser

Combining bowling with your fundraiser is a good way to increase participation and can be setup to provide numerous ways for people to donate money while being entertained.

  • The first thing you should focus on when organizing a charity event is the reason or purpose of the event. Decide if you are trying to raise money and or awareness for the charity, which is more important or is it both. Know your goals first before anything else.
  • Set an amount you are looking to raise for the event, this will determine the size of the venue and amount of people you need to invite.
  • The next step is to establish a budget for the event. Break down a complete list of expenses for the event including food, staff, location and unforeseen expenses. Your budget should be far less than the amount of money you are trying to raise.
  • Establish the leaders of the event, you may have a committee, these people are important part of contributing their time and effort to the event.
  • Find your target audience, are you looking for families? Large corporate donors? Small Business? Know who you want to go after and attend the event.
  • Set-up and marketing should start well in advance of the event. Marketing to the proper people and getting the right message out there is always important to every event.
  • Sales will always follow the marketing, make sure to pre-sell all the tickets in advance and decide if you have different levels of donors.
  • Final step is always to thank everyone who attended the event and make sure the money raised goes to the proper charity.

At Drakeshire Lanes we are always eager to host bowling fundraisers.  We have spacious facilities, banquet food, and great bowling. Call us today at 248-478-2230 or visit our party page  to see how we can help with your event!