Team Building? Try Team Bowling

Does your office roll together? Or does everyone at work stay in their own lane? A corporate event is an excellent way to foster team spirit, revitalize the team, get to know coworkers, and even improve productivity. How does it work? Well it starts with a simple call to Drakeshire Lanes.

Corporate Bowling Events in Farmington Hills

team bowlingWhen you book an office party at Drakeshire Lanes, we take care of everything: setup, cleanup, special requests and party rooms, and even catering right to your lane. Our group event rate includes:

  • 2 hours of bowling + shoe rentals for only $75 per lane
  • Party room available for an additional $40 per hour
  • Special game formats like Red Pin or 9-Pin No Tap (upon request)
  • Catering optionslikebarbeque; fajitas; pizza, wings, and salads; and unlimited drinks

Family Play Days

You probably knew your deskmate has a young daughter. You didn’t know that daughterhas a killer bowling spin. Family Play Days foster corporate culture by giving the team a chance to get to know each other’s families. Not only does this make for a great time, it improves communication and productivity at work. Let the fun begin!

Team Building Bowling

Team building days are great for boosting morale and developing a strong office culture. They help coworkers get to know each other in a relaxed environment, developing team spirit without the awkwardness of trust exercises. Divide your office into bowling teams or go every employee for him/herself. Don’t forget to hand out fun awards for Best Bowler, Most Strikes, Sportsmanship, and #1 Worst Bowler.

Holiday Office Parties

Tired of the same old Christmas parties? Forget decorating the office, renting a ballroom, or cleaning and cooking for the whole teamathome. When you book a holiday corporate event at Drakeshire Lanes, its all on us: the setup and cleanup, the food and drinks, and of course, the fun. Time to celebrate!

Booking a corporate bowling event is easier than ever. Simply call our Farmington Hills bowling center or request a quote online.