We have open bowling every day all Summer long. Please call 248-478-2230 for lane availability.

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Monday thru Thursday

Daytime Rate (Before 5pm)
$4.25 per game / $25.95 per hour
Evening Rate (After 5pm)
$4.75 per game / $29.95 per hour


Open to Close (4pm to 1am):
29.95 per hour


Open to Close (12pm to 1am)
$29.95 per hour/h5>


Open to Close (12pm to 11pm)
$29.95 per hour

Prices listed per game are per person.
Prices per hour per lane are for the use of one lane for up to 6 bowlers. No special rates apply at peak times other than what is listed above.
Rental Shoes: $3.50
Socks: $2.00