How to Ruin Your Bowling Shot

Want to awe your friends and family with your bowling skills? Whether you’re a longtime casual bowler or you’re picking up a bowling ball for the first time, you can improve your game by avoiding these common bowling mistakes.

How to Screw Up a Bowling Shot

  1. bowler - retroStance. We get it. The bowling ball is heavy, and the pressure is on. But holding the ball to your chest before the release throws off your center of gravity. Instead, hold the ball to the side so that when you swing, your arm continues along a straight path. Line up your shot down the middle of the lane, and align your body in the direction you want the ball to take.
  2. Approach. If you falter in your approach, the ball will miss its mark. Practice your approach without the ball a few times, checking your feet to make sure they don’t drift to one side of the lane or the other. You should also check your approach speed. Rushing toward the line wont make your shot any better–in fact, it will probably give you a sloppy swing. Take your time. The pins aren’t going anywhere.
  3. Release. If you’ve ever seen the gifs of bad bowlers smashing the ceiling tiles, you know the dangers of throwing the ball. Even if you loft it down the lanes (and not into the ceiling), tossing the ball will make it spin out of control, negating your practiced stance and approach. Release the ball just above the foul line. If your release is too early you’ll drop the ball; too late and you’ll get too much lift.

How can you improve your bowling game? Practice! Drakeshire Lanes gets busy around the holidays, but you don’t have to waste your time in line. Just call ahead and reserve your lane.