Glow in the Dark Bowling

Friday and Saturday nights come around with a glow here at Drakeshire Lanes! It doesn’t have to be midnight to get dark. Especially at this time of year when daylights savings time has kicked in and the days are getting longer. With our Glow Bowling starting at 8:30 p.m., we have all your weekend fun set for you and your friends! Check out our glow bowl event details.

Glow Bowlblack light glow bowl

Get prepared while we turn down the lights and turn on the black lights. You’ll get in the mood with our music videos being played all over the bowling alley, disco balls, flashing lights and LED color changing lights directly above the pins giving you the most ultimate glow in the dark bowling experience in Metro Detroit! There’s no other bowling entertainment center with glow bowling like ours!

It’s a Black Light Party!

Looking for Black light party ideas? We have them, and they make for great teen party ideas and adult party ideas too! You don’t have to be a kid to have fun at glow bowling, it’s fun for everyone! Be sure to wear white or florescent clothing, so the bowling alley wont be the only thing glowing! Coordinate with your friends to wear team made black light reflective clothing, bring glow sticks, head bands whatever gets you in the glow mood!

Call before 6 p.m. to make reservations for Friday and Saturday Glow Bowling! After 6 p.m. we take your name, don’t worry, we have fun things to do while you wait! Check out our Billiards Room, The Grille and Bar with specials all night long!