Bowling Lanes in Michigan

Bowling near me in Michigan

Did You Know?

Bowling has been rumored to have been around since as early as 3,200 BC. Polynesians rolled stones at objects from about 60 feet away.  Bowling started to appear in America around the 1800’s and by the 1870’s, competitive style bowling  was becoming more common in Chicago, Milwaukee and New York. In 1947, Harry S Truman open the first White House bowling alley and in 1952 pinspotters (automated pin setting machines) were introduced, unfortunately putting many “pinboys” out of work.

Bowling Today

Bowling has become a very popular sport and nearly 70 million people a year in the U.S. bowl at least once a year. It can be enjoyed by the whole family from toddlers to grandparents. Bowling appeals to everyone! You can not find a better bang for your buck, than taking the family bowling. Play by the game or rent a lane by the hour.  There are bowling alleys all over the great state of Michigan. Some establishments are pretty simple; they have a 12 to 24 lanes, sometimes more, but pretty much offer the same thing today as they did 20 years ago. New or remodeled  centers (like Drakeshire) are re-inventing themselves; becoming super entertainment centers with mass appeal. There are many centers to choose from, especially around Metro Detroit. So, if you are doing a search for “bowling lanes near me,” and you live near Farmington Michigan, then hopefully you and your friends or family will come in to see us.

When you are looking for a good open bowling lanes, there are a few things you should keep in mind.  Do they are have a clean and well run establishment? As previously mentioned; some bowling alleys just do not update their equipment or facilities… ever. It feels like you are stepping into a time warp from the 1970s.  Here at Drakeshire Lanes we have electric scoring, new pool tables, sports bar and yes we have great lanes too! Another thing you might be asking is how family friendly is it? Every Friday we have Family Fun Night. It is a great price for the whole family to have an entire evening of fun.

There is a large selection of bowling lanes in Michigan, but the clear choice for a good time and fun atmosphere is Drakeshire Lanes in Farmington Hills.  So, when searching on your home computer, mobile device or maybe just driving around town, please make us your first choice.  We have open bowling most days and fun times every evening. If you are looking for bowling leagues, we have those as well.  For those who want to bowl on a team, we have men’s, women’s and mixed leagues forming all year long for all skill levels. Give us a call at 248-478-2230, contact us online or stop in!