Adult Bowling Party Games

At Drakeshire Lanes we love to have bowling parties. We get many different kinds of parties booked including; fundraisers,bowling games for adults banquets, birthday or company parties as well as people booking holiday and corporate events. Many of these are primarily or exclusively adult themed parties. The new Drakeshire Lanes is all about fun and entertainment and our adult patrons in Michigan are feeling the difference!

Adult bowling parties are some of our favorites!

Along with having fun bowling, adults are always up for a little extra fun. We have a few suggestions for Adult Bowling Party Games to play while you’re bowling.  Along with drinks and some food, you can add one or more of these games for some extra laughs.

Adult Bowling Party Games

Mix it up

Have your party guests  pick a card with something funny on it before they bowl their turn. Write things on the card like;

  • Bowl while blindfolded
  • Bowl while hopping on one foot
  • Spin 5 times then throw the ball
  • Bowl sitting down
  • Break dance up to the lane
  • Bowl together with another person holding the ball
  • Bowl between your legs backwards
  • Bowl with your opposite hand
  • Think of some other funny bowling ideas? write them down, lets see what your guests will do!

Truth or Dare Bowling

Have every other bowler be an odd or even number, then the bowlers score will determine whether they do a truth or a dare! If the bowler gets a strike they pick another party member to do a truth or dare or be skipped, their choice!

Bowling Bingo

Create bingo cards listed with, spare, strike, gutter, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 pins, 7 & 10 card split, 2 strikes in a row. Dont forget about the free space!

Reward your party guest with trophies or prizes! You can make them yourself, buy blow up trophies or put together goody bags for prizes.

Don’t forget about our new Billiard Game room! Stop in for some fun, eat from the THE GRILLE and enjoy your adult party all around the alley!

Check out our Bowling Party info for more details on booking your next party at Drakeshire Lanes.